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Episerver—Intelligent CMS Combined with Exceptional Ecommerce

Episerver has impressed us with their focus on the essence of CMS. Simple, intuitive, and fast.

Beyond CMS, Episerver is Practically Intelligent

The team at Episerver has created some incredibly practical and useful features - and a platform that can compete for any project. Episerver is built on a rich modular platform that focuses on intelligence. Gathering data, providing insights and applying advanced machine learning and AI in order to continually increase conversions puts ROI at the heart of every Episerver implementation.

Content and Campaign Management

At the core of Episerver is a performant, simple to use CMS engine. Content managers can build and reuse blocks of content and presentation effortlessly. The visual authoring engine includes drag and drop precision to place content and easily create and manage responsive digital experiences.

We would love to show you a demo of how Brainjocks delivers CMS using Episerver and talk with us about your upcoming project.

Excellent Commerce

Episerver is well known for a solid commerce engine. With Episerver, you can seamlessly combine campaigns, content, search and product information, and with some of the more advanced modules you can add personalization to buy journeys and boost conversions with ease.  When leveraging these modules together, an impressive ROI can be gained as documented in Forrester's Total Economic Impact™ Study.

Personalize and Perform

Episerver has built a number of practical, usable, implementable features into the product that leverage AI and machine learning to provide insights and increase conversions. 

Data Collection and Insights

Collect your data across multiple channels and Episerver Insight will present you an easy to consume dashboard showing individual user behaviors, key journey performance and even performance across multiple segments.

Personalization and Recommendations

Use your data to drive personalized experiences and increase conversions.  You can create your own personalization plan, or use Episerver Advance for AI driven content and product recommendations.  Add AI driven product search to dynamically boost your catalog at the right time to the right audience.

Intelligent Campaigns

Episerver provides a suite of marketing automation products.  Execute and measure campaigns? Of course. But, you can also use Episerver Reach to personalize and trigger emails and messaging based on real-time user behaviors.

Would you like to talk with a Brainjocks Digital Strategist on how to leverage these valuable tools into your online experience?

Solid Cloud Services

Episerver has another ace up its sleeve - a managed cloud offering that’s simple, elastic, and reliable.  Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ Service (or DXC) offers autoscaling performance based on Microsoft’s Azure platform.  It can be deployed quickly and when combined with Episerver’s continuous release management, continues to put the newest features and most stable releases into your hands quickly.

Brainjocks managed services pairs excellently with Episerver DXC. Contact us to find out how.

Brainjocks’ Digital Strategy Services can help you leverage these valuable tools with ease.

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