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Manage the Unmanageable and Experience More from your CMS

We deliver content management solutions and we make absolutely sure you can use it.

Brainjocks has a unique philosophy around CMS. We never forget who the customer is. We know that marketers need to be enabled. They need to have tools that allow them to run without a massive dependency on technical services and support. That’s why CMS were invented in the first place.
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What makes our approach different? 

A content management system is at the center of MarTech, and is key for empowering non technical people in a technical space. We empower marketers, making them independent and fully capable to deliver, measure, curate, and personalized experiences. Our unique enablement driven approach to CMS, what we call Brainjocks SCORE derives essential success factors in content management and delivery.

Brainjocks SCORE Represents the Principles of how to Deliver CMS Effectively

Visual First Authoring

We ensure content authors have the ability to see, touch and arrange content structure and are given the context to see the impact of their work.

Modularity of Design Patterns

We embrace the concept of atomic design and build pattern libraries that expose visual patterns for reuse and can be applied faster as new content emerges for delivery.

Operation Driven Innovation

We focus on customized innovations that allow companies to overcome their specific operational problems and friction areas.

Connected Experiences

We help content managers deal with factors like optimization, data collection and analysis. We make it easy to lay analytics into a page, to properly harvest that information and use it for personalization.

Flexible Delivery Models

Whether design led, content led, or somewhere in between, we enable the ability to create permutations of the experience to keep the user journey fresh.

Did you know SCORE was initially built as a product?

Brainjocks SCORE was initially built as a Sitecore accelerator and was productized in 2014. Today, SCORE is a highly regarded methodology for CMS success. The featured functionality of the original SCORE product still delivers proven innovations that accelerate development and adds depth to assembly capabilities for each of our CMS implementations. As the original SCORE platform, Sitecore has been the showcase of how these innovations drive operational success and delights content management teams.

Brainjocks SCORE—Sitecore's First Accelerator

Learn more about Sitecore's first accelerator! It not only facilitates quicker technical delivery, it speeds up ongoing content and marketing operations.

We innovate CMS regardless of platform. Lately, we've had a lot of success with two great partners.

We embrace the SCORE methodology in every CMS project and platform. Read more about how these principles are applied in both Sitecore and Episerver.
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Sage teams up with Brainjocks—global digital operational transformation is delivered

Can 32 live sites really be delivered in 13 months? 120+ member collaboration delivers in a big way! This is one client story you don't want to miss.

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