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Technology platforms are a huge investment for business. Without the right strategy, the organization might not adopt and your total cost of ownership can spiral out of control.

We innovate thoughtfully to protect your investments

Brainjocks digital innovations can ensure much more than implementation success. Our personalized approach provides thoughtful solutions that impact more than just your immediate goals. We bring efficiency to your overall operations and platform architecture that will drive down cost and increase performance.

Technologies and Platforms

Content Management Systems

CMS is no longer just about content. CMS systems have grown and become more sophisticated - including features such as data capture and analysis, personalization and multivariate testing. More so, CMS for marketing teams is now about delivering, managing, and measuring experiences.

As the center of MarTech, content management has to be more than a powerful platform, it has to be implemented in a way that allows your team to fully utilize the technology. What are we saying?

Effective CMS has to be operationally sound for your organization.

If you haven’t heard of Brainjocks SCORE, you are in for a treat! Brainjocks SCORE is our enablement focused methodology to CMS implementations. The principles of SCORE are bound to ensure the adoption and continued value and success of our clients.

When it comes to CMS, we deliver innovations in a variety of platforms. Take a look at our Sitecore and Episerver capabilities, and learn more about the difference a SCORE implementation can make for your business.


When it comes to modern search technologies, much is offered beyond the basic value of search. For example, take a look at two of our most popular search partners, Coveo and Algolia.

Coveo is a leader in intelligent and predictive search, with a deep feature set that connect the consumer experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Algolia is known for creating frictionless find-to-conversion paths by connecting users to exactly what they are looking for at lightning fast speed. Both are different software models but have excellent connectivity with martech platforms and features that power search in world class implementations.

We’ve partnered with leaders in search for years and have built some pretty amazing things - from customer portals to online stores, and beyond. We even delivered some pretty fantastic search innovation for one of the largest aerospace manufacturers in the world


Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services that helps organizations meet any number of business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks. Microsoft is driven by a commitment to empower organizations to control the collection, use, and distribution of their data -- greater trust in cloud computing.

As a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we approach every client’s journey in cloud technologies confident in what our team brings to the table. Connect with us on how we can deliver Azure solutions for your business.


Online sales are taking over and consumers are more empowered than ever, demanding seamless user journeys, intuitive interfaces, flexible purchase options and much more. A comprehensive and fully integrated approach for commerce technologies is essential to success. With Brainjocks personalized approach to commerce, your solution will be technically sound, powerful and operationally efficient. The results are real and measurable, as we help you to minimize risk, reduce costs, and increase speed to market while preserving a seamless and consistent cross-channel experience.
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