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the low down

From May 1 – June 16, Brainjocks will be collecting inspirational photos tagged #sharemypattern via Twitter and Instagram.



These photos represent patterns that are around us all in everyday life. Exposing these patterns allows us to focus on the bigger picture… much like when building a pattern library in Sitecore. So have fun and share your pics with others in our close-knit Sitecore community.


On Friday, June 16th, we’ll have a LIVE drawing from all the shared pattern photos to select the winner of Developer Training and a 6-month trial license for Brainjocks SCORE 2.5. We’ll also be awarding some sweet swag to some of the most creative submissions throughout the month.

it couldn't be easier to share your patterns

STEP 1: Shoot

STEP 2: Upload

pattern examples from our community

Submitted by: kcforst


Submitted by: cesiacortes


Submitted by: yfedarovich


brainjocks score 2.5

Our latest release introduced Tiles and Search components. Creating Tiles from any page can now be done with just a couple clicks of the mouse. Search results, facet panels and autocomplete components have been added to accelerate the development of a robust search UX.


Because how would there be any fun without rules.

Developer Training and Extended Brainjocks SCORE 2.5 Trial License Giveaway

(1) Winning participant of the #sharemypattern campaign will be awarded a 4-day Brainjocks SCORE 2.5 Developer Training course and a 6-month Brainjocks SCORE 2.5 Trial License (prize). The winning participant will be selected at random from all photo entries tagged #sharemypattern on Twitter and Instagram social media sites. 

A drawing will be held on Friday, June 16, 2017, with the winner being announced via social media on the same day. Upon notification via Twitter and/or Instagram account name, the winner will have 14 days to accept the prize. If the winner does not contact Brainjocks within 14 days to claim the prize, a new drawing will be held and winner announced. If after 60 days no winner has accepted the prize, all promotions and prizes associated with the #sharemypattern campaign will be null and void.

Developer Training

The winner will be awarded 4 days of Brainjocks SCORE 2.5 Developer Training. Training will take place via Zoom Video Conference (free download available at The winner can have up to 2 attendees participate in the training session. Brainjocks will work with winner to schedule the 4 day session, but Brainjocks has the right to reject dates that may interfere with ongoing workload. Each training session runs for 4 hours and cannot be extended beyond this time limit. Training days must be in succession during a normal (Monday - Friday) work week and must fall within the working hours of 9am - 5pm EST. If training begins at the end of the work week, like Thursday and Friday, then it would pick up again on Monday and finish on Tuesday. Video and/or audio recording of the training sessions is strictly forbidden. 

Extended Brainjocks SCORE 2.5 Trial License

The winner will be sent instructions via email to download the  to Brainjocks SCORE 2.5 trial license. After the initial 30-days a license key will be delivered to extend this trial license for 5 additional months. Brainjocks SCORE 2.5 requires Sitecore 7.2 (update 2) - 8.2 (update 2) in order to be installed. Brainjocks is not responsible for providing Sitecore software or assisting with configuration. 

Sitecore is not associated with this promotion.

Instagram/Twitter Image Usage Rights

By participating in the #sharemypattern promotional campaign, the owner of the image(s) grants Brainjocks the right to reuse image(s) for any future marketing materials including but not limited to email, website and print collateral.