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Brainjocks® has a history of challenging paradigms and succeeding. A few of our clients help illustrate how by sharing their perspectives on working with our team. 

Leading the way

Sitecore Development, Brainjocks SCORE™

the challenge

Leading The Way's website was due for an overhaul. Their ministries had expanded to reach an international audience since the original site launched. To continue growing the donor base, Leading The Way needed to deliver content that clearly communicated the organization's core values while also speaking to the unique interests of users in four different countries.

As the organization grew, so did the volume of content—like daily journal posts, devotionals and media on faith-centered topics. The user experience in turn was becoming unwieldy. New search capabilities and content categorization were needed to simplify browsing.

The Solution

Using the strength of SCORE, Brainjocks delivered a Sitecore® platform that vastly improves the user experience, supporting Leading The Way's efforts to grow the donor base. A new search engine based on Algolia makes for lightning-fast, intuitive browsing through the site's thousands of videos, interviews and articles.

The new CMS streamlines site and content management, and allows the marketing team to deliver personalized experiences with geolocation-based audience targeting. Marketing has also gained the tools to analyze user data to learn more about what donors are truly interested in and how to best minister to them.

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" This project exceeded my expectations. I really didn't think we'd be able to get all the bells and whistles that management and marketing wanted, but we did. I can't put into words how impressed I was with the team, the development, the entire process...I can't tell you guys enough how proud I am of this site."

Chad Trotter, Leading The Way

Acuity Brands®

Sitecore Development, Brainjocks SCORE™

the challenge

With nearly 20 unique brands in its product portfolio, Acuity Brands® wanted to create a digital customer experience that matched the offline experience for each brand. Ease of use and the ability to quickly find the desired products were key. Their new CMS needed to help them create a sense of continuity across their entire portfolio, while giving each brand the flexibility to maintain its own uniqueness.

The Solution

Acuity Brands selected Brainjocks as their implementation partner for an initial launch on Sitecore v6.6. Brainjocks SCORE provides the foundation for an enterprise layer supporting component reuse and a customized editing experience for content teams. As brand sites were developed, the efficiencies gained through reuse became clear: The second site was completed in only 1/3 of the time and cost of the first.

Intuitive search capabilities tap into the power of Coveo for Sitecore, with faceting parameter selections localized to each brand. A shared product catalog supports promotion across brands.

Acuity Brands most recently migrated to Sitecore v8.0 with the support of Brainjocks and SCORE, giving their content teams even more flexibility to manage pages in the Experience Editor. 

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“ The Brainjocks SCORE platform for Sitecore has enabled us to not only stand up a new site within a day, but maximize the time our developers are building new components for use within our existing websites. This keeps our internal customers happy as well as our development resources since they are able to focus on what they enjoy doing.”

Rob Meadows, Acuity Brands


Sitecore Implementation, Multinational/Multilingual

the challenge

With 23 websites and more international growth on the horizon, Recall faced a management challenge. Their decentralized architecture made it difficult and costly to manage a large number of sites. Content editors in each country struggled without multilingual support.

With the promise of efficiency and ample functionality, the team selected a mid-market CMS. But as they worked toward launch, it became clear that the system was incapable of supporting Recall's multinational requirements. The team was in a pickle: They had exceeded their timeline and budget yet still lacked the CMS and sites they needed. 

The Solution

Brainjocks helped Recall quickly change course and implement a CMS suited to their needs—Sitecore, powered by Brainjocks SCORE. The solution came in on time and under budget, and provided much-needed internationalization and scalability. 

Multilingual support, international SEO compliance and Geo-IP country redirection were incorporated into a responsive web solution that integrates with Recall's Marketing Automation, CRM and LMS systems.

Brainjocks and Recall have been partnered for 6 years and counting, through the launch of 23 sites in 14 languages, enhancements like personalization and version migrations.

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"Brainjocks worked around the clock to fix a giant mess created by the previous agency. They kept me informed and delivered a beautiful product: a comprehensive site that was rolled out seamlessly in 17 languages across 23 countries. Most importantly, in addition to delivering a superior end product they proved themselves to be direct, trustworthy and ethical - again and again. To this day, I have yet to meet an agency as committed to true partnership as they are."

Tanya Garcia, Recall Corporation

TripFIles - ios travel app

Custom Application Development & Design

the challenge

tripFiles began as a doodle envisioning an application for sharing travel reviews safely and securely. They wanted to create a platform for private users to share travel reviews and suggestions with one another, and they wanted it done well to create a thriving community.

In that spirit, the application had to be attractive, intuitive, capable of sharing user generated content, and possess strong privacy settings. Every aspect of the app had to be excellent, and the entire project had to be built from the ground up.

The Solution

To give users power over their personal content, tripFiles arranges collections of photos and ratings into trips, providing a high degree of control when trip sharing. Brainjocks designed the iOS app and back-end API to ensure the application looks and handles great. The app combines slick design, cutting-edge UX and an optimized back-end structure for an outstanding mobile experience. 

“Brainjocks is always transparent, so there are no surprises. Our needs have always been a priority for Brainjocks. The project management discipline helped me out tremendously. Brainjocks makes it work.”

Deslie Quinby, tripFiles

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