Brainjocks Scoretm 3.1 is now available

Alpharetta, Ga., Oct. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Brainjocks announced general availability of Brainjocks SCORE™ 3.1, a Sitecore accelerator, which is now Sitecore 9 ready. The latest release of SCORE and its modular development framework delivers a number of exciting new features for technical and non-technical teams alike.

Brainjocks SCORE™ 3.1 continues to build on the principles of Atomic Design, simplifying Sitecore for development, content authoring and marketing teams. Many of the new features and functionality in the latest release focus on SCORE Experience Rules (XPR), designed to enhance analytics and profiling.

Brainjocks SCORE is designed to extend and accelerate Sitecore's capabilities to empower marketers and developers to design websites faster, easier and with the features they need to drive the ultimate customer experience. As digital strategy becomes more of a focus in organizations today, these enhancements to the product position it well to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated customers.

Analytics and profiling are important features in the Sitecore experience, and Brainjocks uses SCORE Experience Rules (XPR) to allow its customers to open a window into buyer behavior on their websites. By extending Sitecore's analytics capabilities, customers can use SCORE XPR to build a rich data layer in their CMS environment, giving them the ability to expand the kinds of data that can be collected and truly capture the voice of the customer. The new functionality available with XPR also provides flexibility in terms of profiling content for personalization, allowing marketers to profile beyond pages and on more complex web features and interactive elements within the page.

Also new in this release is the ability to integrate with a full range of analytics systems. Sitecore xDB, Google Analytics and tag managers such as Tealium and Google Tag Manager are all supported, giving Brainjocks clients a wide range of choice in how to collect, connect and act on their data. Combined with Brainjocks SCORE's component-based architecture, this new release gives both marketers and developers a product that reduces cost and complexity - and makes building a website faster, easier and more personalized than ever before.

"The one thing I try to make sure we do with our product roadmap is to listen to our customers. And the release of SCORE 3.1 is a direct reflection of that. Our clients told us that the customer experience was crucial to their businesses, and they needed a way to capture as much data about that experience as possible," said Brian Beckham, Brainjocks CTO and President. "With XPR, we can help them dig more deeply into the data and use it to truly amplify their strategies and improve their customers' experiences."

Brainjocks SCORE 3.1 is Sitecore 9.0-ready and also supports Sitecore 9.0 Update-1 and Update-2, in addition to all other releases back to 8.0. A migration path is available for current Brainjocks SCORE clients. For more information about the release or migration, please contact


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