Brainjocks achieves highest number of Coveo certified developers in global Sitecore partner community

Strategic partnership delivers intelligent integrated Sitecore solutions

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Brainjocks, a marketing technology and web solutions provider, is pleased to announce that it now has the largest number of Coveo™ Certified Developers in the global Sitecore® partner community. By virtue of their strategic partnership, Brainjocks and Coveo collaborate on digital marketing solutions that integrate the Sitecore experience platform, Coveo Search and the Brainjocks SCORE development framework and accelerator.

According to Lisa Hunter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Brainjocks, “Our clients now see site search functionality as table stakes. The ability to deliver advanced capabilities like personalized search results has become key to driving conversion. We are committed to enabling our team to deliver this advanced, intelligent search functionality as part of a fully integrated Sitecore and Coveo solution.”

In addition to project-level collaboration, Brainjocks CEO Brian Beckham serves on Coveo’s Partner Advisory Board.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to share insights with the Coveo executive team as a Partner Advisory Board member,” said Beckham, “and I look forward to a great educational and networking experience at the Coveo Impact conference.”

Mark Floisand, Coveo’s CMO, remarked, “Personalized relevance is at the core of what Coveo aims to inject into every digital experience. Brainjocks has been a laudable partner as we undertake that endeavor across the entire enterprise landscape.”