Brainjocks announces general availability of Brainjocks SCORE™ 2.5

Brainjocks SCORE™ 2.5 is now available, with new search and tiles functionality to deliver increased efficiency and flexibility.

Brainjocks SCORE 2.5

Kennesaw, GA, February 15, 2017 — Brainjocks announced today the availability of Brainjocks SCORE™ 2.5, the latest release of the company’s component-based Sitecore® development framework and accelerator. This release enhances SCORE’s ability to deliver efficiency to both IT and marketers. New standard functionality empowers content teams to create unique user experiences, while reducing redundant efforts and the need for custom development.

SCORE 2.5 introduces Tiles - powerful new functionality that allows an author to create summary or alternate views of a page without the need for custom coding. These “atomized” page previews are independent and extend SCORE’s support for atomic construction into user experience. Content Administrators have the flexibility to manage each Tile individually and to place them on any page.

Tiles also maximize efficiency by centralizing content management for pages that are referenced in multiple places. Edits are made once, in one place, eliminating the need for duplicate updates to keep content in synch across a website.

Any number of Tile types may be configured, such as navigation or featured products, based on the objectives and design of each site. Tiles support conversion by presenting a clean information summary that encourages users to click through to the related detail page. They also provide an especially user-friendly way to deliver search information. SCORE 2.5 delivers standard Tile components that reduce custom development costs and time to market, while serving as a valuable starting point for adaptation to unique client needs.

Another major enhancement introduced in SCORE 2.5 is Search functionality, powered by atomic design. Search is one of the most common types of website functionality that organizations request--and also one of the most complex and time consuming to custom build. As a result of its technology-agnostic approach, SCORE can be adapted to any search provider and also supports Lucene out of the box.

SCORE takes a modular approach to Search that leverages the power of atomic design. This includes standard components to support common search requirements and Tiles to give content teams control over the configuration and presentation of the search experience.

“Brainjocks SCORE 2.5 continues our ongoing extension of atomic construction to Sitecore development, delivering increased efficiency, flexibility and cost savings,” said Brian Beckham, Brainjocks President and CEO. “Configurable Search and Tiles functionality gives marketers the power to create unique, highly targeted customer experiences. Putting these sophisticated capabilities in the marketer’s hands limits dependency on IT and enables more agile, rapid response to market needs.”

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