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Aligning Goals, Strategy and Results

Some of the largest multinational corporations in the world trust us to architect and implement digital experiences for their customers.

What we’ve learned through hundreds of implementations is that aligning on a sound digital strategy will ensure customer needs are met and business goals are achieved. Whether you’re using Sitecore, Episerver or any other CMS solution, marrying digital strategy with a comprehensive technical framework leads to a flawless user experience. That’s how we approach every project we work on. 

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Successful business strategy is about knowing where you need to go and having a clear plan to get there. Digital strategy is no different. Our team makes your goals their goals. We help you craft a plan and roadmap to identify and achieve the goals that will have a measurable impact on your business. 

We begin with an immersion workshop that is the foundation for understanding your needs, audiences and goals. The time spent between your team and ours helps build a roadmap for a productive engagement .

Once the map is set, the hard work begins. To deliver the right experience for your customers, you have to know who they are and what they expect. Brainjocks helps you identify how to engage with your target audiences along their journey in order to deliver an experience that meets their needs. This process is key to ensure that you’re presenting the right message, at the right time for each individual customer.

Be Data Led, Not Data Driven

The need to prove ROI is a KPI every marketer faces. At Brainjocks, we work together to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your entire MarTech stack, making sure the data is clear, concise and complete – leading to reporting you can count on. We help you harness the functionality of every system to ensure you’re delivering the richest, and most profitable, customer experience for your end user.

After you implement your initial strategy recommendations, it’s important to continually optimize performance and make adjustments as needed. With frequent reporting against well-defined KPIs, your team can make decisions that aren’t just data-driven, but data led. Using information to A/B test, refine personalization and content gives you the confidence to make informed decisions.

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Digital Readiness Assessment

Let Brainjocks assess and benchmark your digital readiness to help you determine the appropriate activities and path forward to meet the experience your customers are demanding.

Managed Services

Even with the best planning, we know that there will be unexpected hiccups. Why not let Brainjocks Managed Services & Support handle it. We take care of bug fixes, patch testing and more, all on an agreed upon deployment schedule and budget. 

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Our comprehensive, modular development framework for Sitecore helps you build sites faster and at lower cost. SCORE also improves quality and flexibility for marketers and content teams.