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BrainJocks SCORE empowers Marketers to build and manage content in an intuitive, visual page editing environment—without needing IT support. With SCORE, Marketers gain control over the customer experience. SCORE reduces complexity and brings powerful capabilities into the easy-to-use visual environment of the Sitecore® Experience Editor.

With these capabilities and more, SCORE gives you control over the customer experience.


Say good-bye to rigid templates and hard-coded solutions. SCORE components are reusable building blocks that give you the flexibility to build new pages or modify existing elements—without waiting for IT.


Personalize the customer journey by extending Sitecore’s Experience Marketing capabilities. You can even embed personalization and multivariate tests within a reusable Snippet.


SCORE extends Sitecore’s capabilities with an extensive component library. You’ll find everything from pop-ups, buttons and menus to flexible collections like carousels and tab sets. Even Highlights, call outs and YouTube videos are at your fingertips.


BrainJocks SCORE offers a unique approach that cuts complexity and costs while delivering unmatched flexibility.


Natural Editing

Transforming an existing page layout shouldn't mean having to rebuild the page from scratch. You should be able to create, change and move nested structures, reshape pages and swap renderings without losing existing content or styling. This is Natural Editing in SCORE, and it makes the Experience Editor work how you work.

SCORE delivers a Natural Editing experience by extending Sitecore with these new capabilities:

  • Elastic Renderings
  • Rendering Transformations
  • Cascading Elements

No matter what complex transformations are configured, SCORE business rules preserve your nested elements and component dependencies, with no rebuilding needed.

Marketing Automation

SCORE helps you get more out of Experience Marketing. You can build customer engagement and nurture prospects by easily creating personalization rules and A/B testing different page layouts. SCORE lets you easily transform one advanced rendering to another, nested content intact, and test which works best.

Imagine being able to easily test two different global headers, or swap out a sidebar based on a visitor’s engagement value. With SCORE snippets, now you can combine multiple presentation components and Experience Marketing rules, including testing, personalization and conditional rendering features. 

Snippets are a powerhouse utility in the SCORE toolkit and can be a powerful, dynamic form of marketing automation. You can easily embed personalization and multivariate tests within a Snippet to run those actions within any page where it is present. Engage your audience with personalized, useful content to help turn prospects into loyal, repeat customers.  

SEO and Social Toolkits

Improve your search results and usability with SCORE’s SEO Toolkit. Now content teams can add meta tags including Noindex, Nofollow and Canonical to focus search engines on crawling the pages that you want to rank well. 

Tools for metadata and keyword management allow you to create and manage keyword lists for an individual site or for global use, right from the Experience Editor. SCORE ensures the pages you create are search engine- (and user-) friendly by automatically transforming all URL names into standard, recognizable formats. 

Open Graph tags can have a big impact on conversions and click-through rates. SCORE allows you to easily insert and manage tags in the Experience Editor. Now you have the power to manage social meta tags, such as Open Graph Title, Image and Description tags with SCORE’s Social Toolkit. 


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“BrainJocks SCORE was a deciding factor in using BrainJocks to develop our new site. Our marketing department required an easy and intuitive interface to create content quickly. BrainJocks SCORE met that challenge well and we appreciated the understanding of content publisher’s needs BrainJocks brought to the team.”

Brian Clements - Sparksgrove

Brian Clements, Sparksgrove