BrainJocks SCORE™

Revolutionizing Sitecore® Development

Sitecore gives you the ability to deliver relevant digital experiences that increase conversion. But harnessing its full capabilities while minimizing complexity is no small feat. BrainJocks SCORE empowers you to do just that—while transforming the Sitecore experience for both developers and marketers.

Powerful, easy-to-use capabilities for content teams

SCORE extends the Sitecore Experience Editor so content teams can manage content in an intuitive, visual environment – without needing IT support. With SCORE’s component-based approach, content authors can quickly make updates and build new pages to respond to dynamic markets and achieve digital objectives.

A comprehensive, modular development framework that accelerates site development and reduces complexity

SCORE delivers a proven solution archetype, reusable components, MVC accelerators and more to help your development team optimize your Sitecore architecture, shorten the learning curve, reduce complexity and dramatically accelerate site development.

Agency + SCORE = Happy Client

Sitecore continues to win clients who are looking for a flexible, scalable Web CMS as the foundation for their digital ecosystem. But so much flexibility can lead to a lot of complexity, which drives long delivery cycles and high costs. BrainJocks SCORE provides a framework for Sitecore development that gives you complete design freedom. It also reduces development time and costs to keep you on budget and on schedule—and helps you make clients happy!

SCORE is a Valuable Tool for Sitecore Implementation Partners

You can deliver Sitecore projects faster, with fewer development resources, using BrainJocks SCORE. And, you can make clients happier by giving marketers incredible flexibility and control over page creation and content management. Faster time to market, lower costs, more satisfied clients…Here’s how BrainJocks SCORE makes it possible.

Enterprise Solutions

Some of the largest multi-brand enterprises in the world trust BrainJocks and SCORE to help them optimize their Sitecore investment.


Flexible, reusable and styleable components

Reuse components across your site(s) with full control over styling to create and transform pages – without the limitations of rigid templates

  • An extensive library of portable components comes standard to meet common site requirements, including responsive grid and content components.
  • Customize SCORE components, or add your own custom component layer.
  • Use SCORE’s unique Component Communication Framework (CCF) to support complex, interactive user experience requirements.


Build complex structures like headers, footers, sidebars and nested content by combining simple building blocks in Experience Editor – and then reuse them.

  • Select components you’ve placed on a page and quickly capture them as a Snippet.
  • Insert SCORE’s Macro component to copy a Snippet to another spot and customize its content.
  • Cascade a Snippet in one click to all appropriate pages and placeholders on your site.
  • Simplify A/B testing and optimization by combining multiple presentation components and Experience Marketing rules like personalization and conditional rendering.


Effectively engage audiences with your content and deliver a consistent experience at every touchpoint — without device-specific development efforts.

Best practices in Sitecore development and delivery

These best practices are built into the SCORE framework to help you protect against costly missteps and boost the quality of your sites.

  • Tenant creation automation allows an architect to quickly establish a new codebase with full support for SCORE and multitenancy.
  • Continuous integration and automated testing increase site quality and reliability. SCORE integrates FakeDb and provides a roadmap for testing your own solution.
  • SCORE supports best practices for Sitecore configuration management and environment-specific build profiles.

BrainJocks SCORE

Atomic Construction for Sitecore

Change is a given. As the business shifts and grows, you need the ability to quickly adapt your sites. That may mean making simple content changes, adding new pages or even launching whole new tenants—but it’s all far from simple with a rigid, template-based site. Just about any change can be a complex and costly proposition.

BrainJocks SCORE takes a different approach—Atomic Construction for Sitecore—that cuts complexity and costs while delivering unmatched design flexibility. BrainJocks’ component-based Sitecore development framework extends the well-known concept of Atomic Design, with its focus on UI patterns, to encompass the complete website development process.


Our Proven Modular Approach to Sitecore


SCORE empowers content teams to manage pages without IT support. Buttons, text boxes, images—these and other small components are SCORE's atoms. Editors can combine them to create large, useful molecules, or build out entire sections of a page with a Snippet organism. The building block approach allows admins to edit page layouts, components and styles, all within Experience Editor.


SCORE maximizes reuse with portable components that can be adapted to different content requirements and styling variances. Large enterprises rely on a SCORE enterprise layer to provide components needed throughout their web ecosystem. In the process, site building becomes an efficient content assembly process, not custom development.


Efficiency can come at a cost: cookie-cutter sites. SCORE lets you maximize reuse without losing the uniqueness of each brand site. Its portable components support the specific styling variances and behaviors each site requires. Editors select from available component options based on page context. Sites built with SCORE components can achieve as unique a design as any custom-built site.

Yes, they all use BrainJocks SCORE.