BrainJocks Announces General Availability Of BrainJocks SCORE 2.1™

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BrainJocks SCORE™ 2.1, the latest release of BrainJocks' component-based Sitecore® development framework, is now generally available.

Kennesaw, GA, May 6, 2016—BrainJocks today announced general availability of BrainJocks SCORE™ 2.1, which enhances the product's flexibility and capabilities for the enterprise. Version 2.1 extends SCORE's unique Snippets functionality, designed for easy reuse of component collections. Content authors can now create a new Snippet in the Experience Editor—a significant time saver. Once nested renderings have been placed on the page, SCORE's "Capture a Snippet" feature allows authors to capture the complete grouping of components within the Snippet, including nested elements, references to shared content—even personalization and multivariate testing. For content teams this means less time spent building (and rebuilding) complex renderings.

Significant capabilities have also been added to the Component Communication Framework (CCF), introduced in SCORE 2.0, which supports dialogue between related yet independent components. SCORE 2.1 reduces custom coding requirements by allowing some of the most common messages and behaviors to be selected in Component Properties. This also extends key CCF benefits like flexibility from the development team to content administrators. With the ability to configure messaging in the Experience Editor, content administrators now can independently manage component-driven dialogue and create desired page behaviors without reliance on a developer.

An enhanced XML sitemap generator now generates multilingual XML sitemaps by default. The sitemap generator uses two new pipeline processors to automatically create the XML markup denoting an alternate language version of a content page. The markup adheres to the XML sitemap standards followed by Google and other search engines.

SCORE 2.1 also offers enhanced support for robots.txt for enterprises with multiple websites. Multitenant configurations complicate the handling of robots.txt; a static file simply isn't sufficient when different crawling and indexing rules are required for each site. SCORE now addresses this complexity by allowing each tenant to have its own robots.txt, which can be placed in the content tree or in the file system. SCORE dynamically maps each request to the appropriate tenant.

In addition, multitenancy enhancements allow tenant websites to precisely control the content tree structure and share key elements of information without duplication. Now all settings, selections and keywords can be localized to a single tenant and shared between tenants, and can be positioned in the content tree based on specific organizational requirements. Other SCORE 2.1 capabilities include support for canonical URL overrides as well as support for Sitecore releases 8.1 Update 2, 8.0 Update 7 and 7.5 Update 2.

"Enterprises rely on Sitecore as the digital backbone that supports delivery of their core brand experiences and critical linkages to e-commerce, social networks and more. BrainJocks helps some of the largest multi-brand organizations in the world navigate this complexity," said Brian Beckham, BrainJocks CEO. "SCORE 2.1 represents the evolution of our development framework to closely match the needs of large enterprises as they strive to realize the full benefits of implementing the Sitecore platform."

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