Revolutionizing Web Development


Experience & Expertise

Our team members are the best of the best - and we have the experience and expertise to prove it. We have over 18 years of experience in web development and deep knowledge of web CMS. Sitecore is one of our core competencies.

Our team's technical expertise spans front- and back-end development—.Net, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and more. Our agile approach to project delivery draws from deep experience across design, business analysis and site building through QA, training and beyond.

Sitecore® Consulting & Development

We are Sitecore experts, recognized with MVP awards and certification as a Gold Implementation Partner. Our 14 Certified Sitecore Developers have delivered more than 75 successful projects, including a finalist for Sitecore Site of the Year. Along the way, we’ve worked with some of the largest global enterprises to develop scalable, modular Sitecore platforms using the BrainJocks SCORE framework.

Our technical depth and breadth allow us to offer a comprehensive approach to Sitecore delivery. BrainJocks’ MVPs and Architects provide consulting services to help you define your architecture and operational model, and work with our Back-end Development team to build your platform and any number of sites to those specifications.

We invest heavily in contributing to the Sitecore community. BrainJocks was co-sponsor and co-organizer of SUGCON, the North American Sitecore User Group Conference. We also co-sponsor the Atlanta Sitecore User Group. We share our learning through our Sitecore blog, Jocks to the Core.

Design & UX

BrainJocks’ in-house designers are experts on design best practices, modern trends, user experience and using SCORE’s approach to atomic construction to achieve reuse and efficiency. Our designers work closely with our clients and agencies to integrate our product seamlessly with existing designs. They also bring knowledge of the latest tools, like Sketch, Zeplin, Invision and Slack, to support our agile implementation processes and open communication.

Our designers are involved with every project to ensure maximum front-end quality and a finished product that is pixel-perfect on every screen size.

Front-end Development

Our front-end development team has deep knowledge of HTML, CSS pre-processors, JavaScript, animation libraries and various front-end frameworks that allow us to build beautiful and functional websites efficiently. We stay up-to-date on all modern technologies and methods to ensure results that are both visually and programmatically superb.

Our UI developers take deep pride in using the latest front-end coding technologies, specializing in responsive design and development as well as subtle animations to make your site come to life.

Back-end Development

Back-end developers make up the largest team at BrainJocks. They are located around the world and have a tremendous breadth of programming knowledge. Many have earned multiple certifications including Sitecore XP Certified Professional Developer, Microsoft Certified Professional, Website .NET Developer Certification for Sitecore CMS and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.

Our developers make quality code their priority, which ensures good site performance and maintainability. They are constantly learning and continually go the extra mile to deliver amazing websites that meet clients’ digital goals.

Quality Assurance

Attention to detail and dedication to delivering a top-notch website are at the core of BrainJocks Quality Assurance. QA Analysts are involved from the very beginning of each project. They tear every feature apart to guarantee that the site can stand up to the toughest challenges.

Our analysts are certified agile testers. They write detailed test cases and execute many kinds of software testing across a variety of devices through the life of a project. They work closely with our Business Analysts to ensure that the site we deliver satisfies all business requirements that have been outlined. They also collaborate with both Front-end and Back-end Developers to troubleshoot and solve technical challenges throughout the project.

Technical Documentation

A successful project requires not only handing over the finished site, but also empowering our clients to harness its full capability. The detailed documentation provided by the BrainJocks team helps bridge the gap.

Clients receive standard BrainJocks SCORE documentation covering how to use all out-of-box SCORE components and features, as well as documentation covering all customizations. Documentation can take the form of either text-based, online documents or video tutorials.

Content Entry

We provide content entry services as part of many projects, which speeds site delivery tremendously. Our team of Project Specialists knows how to build content most efficiently with an eye towards streamlining the process for the client’s Content Administrator. They are skilled in both Sitecore and BrainJocks SCORE--and they enter content at the speed of light!

Project Specialists are an outstanding resource for Content Administrators who are just starting out with SCORE and need guidance during the construction of their site. They continually have the client’s viewpoint in mind and bring that perspective to the project team to ensure the site’s end users will be satisfied.

Business Analysis

Our Business Analysts are some of the first people at BrainJocks to lay eyes on a project. Business requirements are extremely important and are usually defined at the start of a project, so our analysts work closely with the client to define the requirements and map them to components of the site.

They collaborate with every member of the project team, write very detailed documentation and are always available to answer the question, “How should this work?”


Our goal is to help you efficiently harness Sitecore’s full capabilities by using BrainJocks SCORE. Our skilled Course Developers and Trainers have created courses tailored for key user roles to help you quickly move from novice to expert.

The current offering includes Advanced Developer Training, SCORE for Content Administrators and Styling for BrainJocks SCORE. Our Training team is also skilled in delivering custom training classes on a partner or client’s unique platform.

Agile and Scrum

We embrace all aspects of the agile methodology through our tools, techniques, practices and continuous measurement and process improvement.

Our projects are managed by certified Scrum Masters who regularly communicate with clients about their project’s progress. We deliver work in short bursts, called sprints, which allows clients to frequently see and approve our progress. Our agile process also keeps track of development metrics, which allows us to make quick adjustments when necessary.


We refer to our implementation approach as Agile Transparency. Our project teams work quickly, efficiently, and collaboratively.