Revolutionizing Web Development

BrainJocks Leadership

This crew leads the charge in revolutionizing web development with their deep digital experience and functional expertise, delighting BrainJocks clients and partners along the way.


Brian Beckham

Chief Executive Officer and Sitecore MVP

Brian founded BrainJocks in 1998 to develop technology that is engaging, empowering and limitless. As lead SCORE architect and BrainJocks CEO, he now guides the entire team in taking a best practices approach to requirements analysis, technical architecture, management and implementation of client projects. He has been recognized annually as a Sitecore Technology MVP since 2012 and has led more than 150 web application development projects over the past 20 years. Brian's extensive experience enables him to align BrainJocks' offerings to the web as it continues to thrive and evolve.

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Sue Klumpp

Chief Financial Officer and Sitecore MVP

As a former client, Sue knows first-hand how phenomenal it is to partner with BrainJocks. Early in 2013, she joined BrainJocks to offer her 20 years of experience in digital strategy, technology, automation and analytics to our clients. It is rewarding for her to witness how clients come to realize their full digital potential through the power of technology. Sue has earned an MBA and was awarded the Sitecore Digital Strategist MVP award in 2016. She oversees BrainJocks' finance, administration, business development and business operations teams.

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Tommy Joyner

Director, Production

Tommy has played a key leadership role in guiding BrainJocks' growth for over 15 years. He was the first developer hired at BrainJocks. Tommy is a certified Sitecore Developer with experience spanning more than 15 CMS integrations. He brings his deep knowledge of large-scale web app development and deployment to the production team at BrainJocks, leading successful project delivery efforts across client teams.

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Lisa Hunter

Director, Sales and Marketing

Lisa has more than 15 years of business development experience with a focus on enterprise software and technological innovation. She has helped numerous technology companies implement successful go-to-market, demand creation and communications strategies. She is passionate about BrainJocks - the company, the people, the solutions, the clients - which feeds the company's campaigns and communications. Lisa has earned an M.S. in Marketing with a focus on technological innovation.

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